Use our comprehensive line of met sensors in your next resource assessment campaign, site monitoring station, or meteorological application. Benefit from the durability and consistent performance we have built into our sensors over more than 30 years of providing measurement solutions to the wind energy industry.

WindSensor Anemometer

WindSensor offers three versions of the cup anemometer, the P2546D-OPR electronic version, the P2546C-OPR coil version and the P2546A-OPR reed switch version.

NRG Anemometer

RK System offers several types of anemometers to suit a variety of performance and application needs.

Wind Direction Vane

We offer both heated and unheated wind direction vanes, ensuring access to reliable wind direction data regardless of environmental conditions.

Other Met Sensors

Use our comprehensive line of met sensors to ensure the success of your wind or solar resource assessment campaign.


We offers various types of pyranometers to suit any resource assessment campaign.