Whether you are conducting a resource assessment campaign or managing an existing site, every stage of successful wind and solar energy projects depends on precise wind speed data. RK Systems offers numerous types of anemometers—including heated and vertical ones—to suit a variety of performance and application needs.


The NRG S1 Anemometer is a class 1 sensor that reduces measurement uncertainty and project cost for wind resource assessment and power performance testing.

Thies First Class Advanced Anemometer

The Thies First Class Advanced (FCA) Anemometer is a class 1 anemometer that delivers high-end performance in any terrain.

NRG Class 1 Anemometer

The NRG Class 1 anemometer is the ideal, low-cost solution for wind resource assessment projects that require an anemometer with class 1A compliance.


NRG 40C Anemometer

The 40C Anemometer offers field-proven measurement accuracy at an economical price.

NRG 40H Anemometer

The 40H Anemometer is an unheated three-cup anemometer that provides high precision wind speed measurements.

RM Young 27106T Vertical Anemometer

Measure vertical wind speed at your project site with the RM Young 27106T vertical anemometer.


NRG IceFree3 Heated Anemometer

The electrically heated IceFree3 Anemometer's simple, robust design provides a proven and reliable solution in icing environments.