Data Loggers

Data loggers are the core component of NRG’s complete system approach to wind and solar measurement applications. Data are collected from readings of meteorological sensors and other devices and then stored in our loggers for either manual retrieval or automated delivery to the location of your choice.

SymphoniePRO® Data Logger

SymphoniePRO is an advanced data logging system that is purpose-built for the renewable energy professional.






User-friendly yet flexible; powerful measurement technology for the renewable energy professional

Reliable and economical; tailored to wind resource assessment


Wind and solar assessment, monitoring, and forecasting

Wind and solar assessment, monitoring, and forecasting


Total Channel Capacity

26+ channels (16-channel version also available - see product page for details)

15 channels


2 x RS-485 ports


Counter Channels

• 12 channels
• Wide range of industry-standard anemometers; no interface cards required
• Accumulator outputs (e.g. Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge); no interface cards required
 Other signals up to 2,500 Hz

• 9 channels: 6 built-in, 3 flex
• Wide range of industry-standard anemometers; SCMs required after six sensors
• Accumulator output (e.g. Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge); SCM required

Analog Channels

• 14 channels: 7 built-in, 7 P-SCM
• Wider range of industry-standard analog sensors
• Configurable deadband compensation (compatible with wider range of wind direction vanes)
• True differential measurements (e.g., for pyranometers)

• 7 channels: 4 built-in, 3 flex
• Wide range of industry-standard analog sensors
• Fixed deadband compensation for NRG 200P wind vane on ch. 7-8

Analog Measurement Resolution

16-bit A/D conversion

10-bit A/D conversion


Sample Rate

1 Hz

1 Hz

Averaging Interval

User-selectable (10-minute default)

10-minute; fixed

Data Storage

Redundant storage via:
• Internal Flash memory (8 MB)
• SD card (512 MB and 2 GB options available)

SD Card (128 MB)

Statistics Recorded per Channel

 • Average
• Standard deviation
• Minimum/Maximum 1-sec sample
• Maximum 3-sec gust with direction
• Sum for totalizer inputs

• Average
• Standard deviation
• Minimum/Maximum 1-sec sample
• Sum for totalizer inputs

1 Hz Sample Data Storage

Yes, optional setting by channel


Time Synchronization

GPS and/or SNTP Internet Time Server

SNTP Internet Time Server

Data Security

Logger access PIN with 2-day lockout after 8 failed attempts
• 128-bit file encryption with user-specified password

  • Keypad lockout access PIN
  • Data encryption PIN


iPackGPS Compatibility

• Cellular (GSM/GPRS, 3G GSM, and CDMA)
 Satellite (Immarsat BGAN M2M)

• Cellular (GSM/GPRS, 3G GSM, and CDMA)
• Satellite (Iridium)


Yes, via iPackACCESS

Yes, via iPackACCESS

Remote Firmware Upgrades

Logger and iPack, via real-time MetLink connection

iPack only, via iPack POP3 inbox

Remote Configuration Changes

Yes, via real-time MetLink connection

Yes, via patch file emailed to iPack POP3 inbox

Remote Live Data

Yes, via real-time MetLink connection