NRG offers various types of pyranometers to suit any resource assessment campaign.

Hukseflux SR20 Pyranometer

Collect solar data with the highest possible accuracy using the Hukseflux SR20 Secondary Standard Pyranometer.

Hukseflux SR11 Pyranometer

Collect high quality solar irradiance data with the Hukseflux SR11 First Class Pyranometer.

Hukseflux LP02 Pyranometer

Recommended for financeable resource assessment campaigns, the Hukseflux LP02 is a solar radiation sensor that is compliant with second class criteria from the ISO 9060 standard.


Li-Cor LI-200R

Recommended for early stage prospecting, the Li-Cor LI-200R pyranometer is an excellent general purpose solar radiation sensor.

Delta Sunshine SPN1

The SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer is a meteorological class solar radiation measurement instrument with a built-in heater, and is designed for long-term outdoor exposure.