Solar Resource Assesment


Measure the potential of your utility-scale solar PV project with the SRA System from RNRG.

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Soiling Measurement Kit

Quantify the site-specific impacts of soiling on prospective and current PV projects with RNRG's Soiling Measurement Kit.

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Solar Resource Assesment

Solar Resource Assessment (SRA) refers to the systematic collection of site-specific meteorological data for the purpose of accurately estimating a prospective solar farm’s annual energy production (AEP).

System Features

  • Field-proven, integrated components measure all relevant meteorological conditions including solar radiation, wind speed and direction, temperature, and precipitation
  • Comprehensive reference data can be used to provide an accurate estimate of your solar project’s potential to improve your project risk profile
  • Adjustable plane-of-array (POA) booms allow pyranometers to measure the solar resource at the angle of the prospective PV array
  • Reliable and proven SymphoniePLUS®3 data logger stores up to two years of data on a non-volatile SD Flash memory card
  • Guyed steel tube tower construction
  • Remote data transfer options using NRG Systems iPackGPS communication modules
  • Easy to transport, assemble, install, and redeploy to other locations

System Options

  • Hukseflux LP02 thermopile pyranometers – compliant to ISO 9060 and 9847, WMO (World Meteorological Organization), and ASTM E824-94
  • LI-COR #LI-200SZ photodiode pyranometers – traceable to the World Radiation Reference at the World Radiation Center in Davos, Switzerland
Communication Modules
  • Symphonie iPackGPS with PV kit – GSM cellular
  • Symphonie iPackGPS with PV kit – CDMA cellular
  • Symphonie iPackGPS for Iridium Satellite with PV kit and 400 bundled service minutes
  • Symphonie iPack with PV only
Additional Sensors
  • NRG Systems #BP20 barometric pressure sensor
  • NRG Systems RH5X relative humidity sensor